in the personal connection between the influencer and the audiences

Who we are

We are a Copenhagen based agency with a mixed background in Film & TV, Dramaturgy, Media & Communication, Marketing, and Eventmanagement. We have long-lasting knowledge in the field and a solid network in the film- and TV industry. Our vast experience with storytelling, alongside an excellent selection of influencers, ensures that your message gets through to the right target audiences.

What we do

We are a digital agency that creates the perfect match between Brand and Influencer. We plan and execute your unique influencer marketing campaign in close collaboration with the influencer and offer both long- and short term strategies. We provide a selection of influencers that create engaging content and who regularly interact with their followers to win over your target audiences effectively. We are extremely picky about choosing our influencers as consumers demands high levels of authenticity, relevance, and transparency.  We assist through-all the process: from the idea and concept development to execution and follow-up.

Influencer marketing is a valid and successful strategy which build your brand’s credibility and reputation for the long-term. Influencers are trust builders. The great ones are people we look up to, people we interact with and whom we believe in when they share engaging content from their lives. Influencer marketing exploded in 2016, and statistics predicts it will keep on growing. At the same time, Instagram’s popularity and usage growensuring a larger audience. There are many more reasons why you should prioritize influencer marketing in your budget. Get in contact with us, and we will tell you why!